Dalmatian, Hector my friend!

21/06/2018 - Muses corner

I personally have dog friends!

Hector is the kiving proof that I have dog friends. He is the dog of a friend of mine but he became also my friend.

When I am invited in Hector's house I always have the feeling that I am the most impotrant person on earth... Why? Oh I guess that the fact that I give him some (a lot of) treats is the reason of his admiration ;-)

Personality, very lively and extremely greedy. Hector could play and eat all day long.  Also, he's such a charming dog even when he jumps to sit on your lap… Hector is convinced he is not that tall! Believe me or not, Hector was abandoned by his former owner. Luckily, he was saved from a shelter by a wonderful family that offers him today a high-quality life!