aRtyDoG & cat collections

Two dogs and yellow armchair

"Your pet could be an aRtyDoG & cat muse!"

The aRtyDoG & cat collections pay tribute to canines and felines through bright, colorful and modern artwork in different formats: signed limited edition reproductions on paper, reproductions on metal, postcards, magnets and mugs. Find all these fabulous items in the e-shop.

Every year, new muses join the aRtyDoG & cat collections!

My aim is to paint a maximum number of breeds (purebred or mixed) and for this project I have the great opportunity to call on you, dearest dog and cat lovers! Your four-legged friends can be the subject of my on spec paintings, adding to the collections of aRtyDoG & cat prints.

The aRtyDoG & cat muses appear on every day objects !

To apply for your pet to take part, feel free to share on my Facebook page photos of your fur kids mentioning their name, breed and age, along with his/her character traits. I will let you know personally if I'm inspired by your fur baby.

Advice: How to photograph your fur baby.

To take photos that bring out your pet's expressive side, here are a few tips:

  1. Get your fur baby to sit down.

  2. Squat in front of him/her so that he/she's on the same level as you.

  3. Be sneaky, give him/her a toy or a treat to easily capture his/her attention.

  4. Position the camera lens at muzzle height and dangle the toy/treat in front of the lens.

  5. Talk to him/her in your finest voice to encourage great expressiveness : of both eyes and ears!

  6. Take care that the pet stares directly at the camera, by hiding your head behind the camera.

  7. Be patient and don't forget to reward your fur baby with a treat.

  8. Share your photos on my Facebook page mentioning that you are submitting your pet as a potential aRtyDoG & cat muse. State the pet's name, breed, age and describe his/her personality.

  9. If your loyal companion inspires me to illustrate his/her breed, I will inform you personally beforehand.

"Thank you for your interactivity and sources of inspiration!"

"Would you like your pet to become an aRtyDoG & cat muse? Apply now!"