Your furry friend is a work of art!

Order a unique painting of your pet

Welcome to my creative world, my name is Romina De Gregorio and I am an animal painter. I create commissioned paintings of dogs and cats, as well as other animals. Maine Coons, among others, are one of my specialties. Discover my creations in the gallery.

I live in Belgium and ship worldwide. The portraits are made with acrylic paint on fine art paper or on canvas.

Premium gift idea !

We can create the portrait in secret or you can contact me to buy a gift card of your chosen amount. This allows you to offer an original and artistic gift while involving the recipient in the project.

A joyful, modern, and colorful work of art of your faithful companion

My strong point?

The resemblance and the magic that emanates from the gaze of my muses... Guaranteed emotions.

Discover some examples in the gallery.

My trademark?

A recognizable style, not to mention the famous "aRtyDoG mustache."
The heartbeat that brings life to the aRty version of your fur baby.

A commissioned portrait of your beloved pet

Based on your photos, I paint an expressive portrait of your pet.
It is also possible to include multiple animals in the same painting. You can find some examples in the gallery. Different budget options are available depending on the size of the painting. A custom painting starts at €160 (-/+175 USD depending on the exchange rate). I also paint pets who have already gone to heaven..

How to place an order?

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1700€ for Os'mose

My art for a cause

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A blanket as model

Blankets are magic creatures too!

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Virtual tour of my art studio!

art studio of artist painter Romina De Gregorio

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