Order a painting of your dog or cat

Is your dog or your cat one of the loves of your life? Do you want to celebrate them in an artistic and original way? Based on a photo, I create a modern painting of your dog or cat, full of emotions, colours and personality.

More than just a decorative element, this work of art has a high sentimental value and is the perfect gift!

Talk to me about your project

My aRtyDoG & cat

Painted sketch on coloured art paper

1 Pet 2 Pets
23x23cm 130€ 180€
32x32cm 230€ 310€
50x50cm 330€ 440€

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3 Pets
50x70cm 530€
Up to 10 Pets Wall of Fame Super Heroes
60x84cm 950€

The close portrait on canvas

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As from 550€

Various formats possible up to 120x120cm.
Price on demand

Baby & Senior portrait on deco background

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40x40cm 550€
50x50cm 650€
60x60cm 750€
70x70cm 850€
80x80cm 950€

The classic aRtyDoG portrait with logo on coloured art paper

Portraits on canvas and large formats

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As from 900€ 50x70cm
Various formats
With or without logo
Up to 2 Pets
Price on demand

Family portrait on canvas

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As from 1400€
3 Pets

Up to 5 Pets
Price on demand


Order a dog or cat painting: practical

  1. Send me a little note with your details and your project in a few words.
  2. I will get back to you to get acquainted with you and the model, and to hear more about what you have in mind. We will also address all the practical details (size, medium, delivery time…).
  3. I prepare a quote for your dog or cat painting order, including shipping costs. If you approve it, a 30% deposit is requested. Other deposits will be planned in the quote.
  4. Based on my recommendations, you take expressive photos of your dog or cat.
  5. I send you a pre-project. Once you have validated it, you pay a second 300eposit.
  6. I send you photos of the finished painting of your dog or cat.
  7. Once I have received payment in full, I ship the painting to you.

Advice: How to photograph your fur baby ?

To take photos that bring out your pet's expressive side, here are a few tips:

  1. Get your fur baby to sit down.
  2. Squat in front of him/her so that he/she's on the same level as you.
  3. Be sneaky, give him/her a toy or a treat to easily capture his/her attention.
  4. Position the camera lens at muzzle height and dangle the toy/treat in front of the lens.
  5. Talk to him/her in your finest voice to encourage great expressiveness : of both eyes and ears!
  6. Take care that the pet stares directly at the camera, by hiding your head behind the camera.
  7. Be patient and don't forget to reward your fur baby with a treat.