Be bold with a foxy painting of your dog!

"Your dog/cat is one of the loves of your life and you want to pay tribute to him/her artistically?"

Witness the specific characteristics of your companion and the undefinable bond that ties you together in a modern and powerful painting abundant with emotion, color, personality and style.

More than just simple decoration, treat yourself or your loved ones to an artwork of art with high sentimental value!

"Decided to make your pet an aRtyDoG & cat ? Here is the information you need !"

My aRtyDoG & cat

Dimensions, paper or canvas, prices

aRtyDoG & cat
Puppies & Kittens*

aRtyDoG & cat
Classic Portrait*

(other dimensions possible)
40x40 cm / 15,74x15,74 inches 59,4x84 cm / 23,38x33,07 inches 60x80 cm / 23,62x31,49 inches
50x50 cm / 19,68x19,68 inches 70x90 cm / 27,55x35,43 inches
60x60 cm, etc / 23,62x23,62 inches 80x100 cm, etc / 31,49x39,37 inches
Initial price** 500€ VAT incl. 40x40cm 850€ VAT incl. 59,4x84cm 1200€ VAT incl. 60x80cm
Features 68% cotton, 30% polyester, 2% viscose 300fr/m² Canford, colored paper 68% cotton, 30% polyester, 2% viscose
Framing Stretched or to be stretched on a frame with a thick 4cm edge. A very modern look not requiring extra framing. To be framed under a glass frame adding extra depth and highlighting the colors. To be stretched on a frame with a thick 4cm or 6cm edge (beyond 80cm). A very modern look not requiring extra framing.

* Examples in Gallery
** 1 dog, additionnal dog 250€, price does not include frame nor shipping cost

To choose the dimension of your painting, please choose in advance the wall on which you would like to display your aRtyDoG/aRtycat portrait. Don't hesitate to let me know your requirements, it will be my pleasure to guide you towards the best choice and provide a customized quote (delivery prices included).

"A customized painting requires a customized quote Contact me!"

My aRtyDoG & cat A-Z

"You have decided to make your pet an aRtyDoG & cat !
Here is the process step by step!"

  1. I will contact you so that we can discuss the project together. My aim is to get to know you and your loyal companion! I want to discover your tastes and desires, your personality and your pet's too, his/her story, your bond, your connection and where you live together. When I first contact you, we can discuss the practical aspects together, such as the format, framing, type of composition, mood and the dominant color of the artwork as well as an estimation of the production time.
  2. Based on the elements you have communicated, I will provide a customized quote including delivery costs. Once accepted a deposit of 30% will be required.
  3. Follow my advice on taking expressive photos and send me as many as possible!
  4. Before beginning your painting, I will send you a mock-up draft in the form of a Photoshop montage. For further detail, I will inlay the future painting in your interior on a second photo montage.
  5. Once we have agreed on the draft, the production time will be communicated to you and a second deposit of 30% will be required.
  6. Once completed, I will send you some photos of the creation process of your aRtyDoG & cat. Once you have settled the final payment, I will send your portrait.
  7. For long distance delivery (Belgium being the point of departure), I recommend that the painting is carefully rolled up in a extra resistant tube. Thus, delivery costs are considerably reduced. Framing is very easy for paintings on paper. Regarding the framing of canvases, don't worry, I will contact you to recommend a local expert.

My aim is to establish a relationship based on trust, listening and sharing ideas. Throughout the process, I am at your disposition up to the moment of your reception of the artwork and its careful exhibition by your own hands.

"Your satisfaction is my satisfaction !"