The portrait of your pet

How to place an order

I will guide you step by step through the explanation below.


Prices and available sizes

A custom portrait starts at €160 (+/-175USD depending on the exchange rate) excluding shipping costs.

Contact me to get
the price list and discuss your project

Prices vary depending on the format and number of animals. Delivery is included and installment payments are possible.
To reserve a spot, a deposit is required.

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How to place an order

  1. Contact me and specify how many animals you want in the painting, as well as their breeds or breed mixes.
  2. I will get back to you with different options, prices, and examples.
  3. Based on your choice, I will send you a purchase order including shipping costs and the estimated time of delivery. A deposit is required to secure your spot in my schedule.
  4. Using your photos (my tips are below), I will create a quick pre-project to confirm the pose of your beloved pet. I will also suggest some background colors. Tell me about your pet's personality and what you find endearing.
    IMPORTANT: If you choose a painting with multiple animals, separate photos of each animal are ok, and I will merge them myself.
  5. Once the painting is finished, I will send you a video. You will make the final payment, and I will ship the aRty portrait of your beloved pet.

My tips for expressive photos

It's not necessary to provide professional photos

  1. Have your pet sit. This position is ideal for a beautiful head pose.
  2. Stand in front of your fur kid (not above), crouching to be at the eye level. Keep a certain distance.
  3. Be clever and have a toy/treat to easily catch his/her attention. Move it in front of the camera to get your pet to look straight at it, which is essential for a beautiful result!
  4. Speak to your fur baby in your best voice to get hyper-expressive attitudes from him/her: eyes and ears! Ideally, natural light allows me to see the colors of their fur better.
  5. Be patient. If it doesn't work, try again at a more suitable time. Don't forget to reward your furry friend.
My aRtyDoG & cat