Creativity is the magic word!

Discover the different artistic compositions by clicking on the categories below.

The classic aRtyDoG & cat portrait is the most popular type of portrait I have on offer, with some of them to be found as part of the joyful aRtyDoG & cat print collection. The classic portrait is a frontal attitude of a Muse with loving eyes and expressive ears. The right paw lays on a signboard withe the logo, showing that the Muse now belongs to the aRtyDoG & cat family. An ode to the Muse.

You have more than 1 fur kid? It is the opportunity to gather them into a happy family portrait.

The close portrait

The close portraits highlight the dog’s profound personality through a lively and engaged expression. The bigger they are, the more captivating the abstract aspect of the fur. This type of composition adds striking and modern character to any interior.

Our puppies and kittens also deserve to be put in the spotlight. A very decorative background has been chosen with purpose. A "fake marble" style revisited with strong happy colours.
This noble material symbolizes the unique link we develop with our fur kids. The ancestral marble is, thanks to its veins and solidity, the symbol of eternal love.

You have been many to ask for aRtyhorses...Here they go!

As me, you think that your fur baby is a hero?! He/she deserves to be put in the spotlight. Send me a pic and maybe he/she will appear in the next Wall of Fame Super Heroes aRtyDoG

aRtyjoy c'est de l'art décliné en fun, joie et positivité. Les premiers objets de la collection sont les bijoux: bagues, boucles d'oreille, pendentifs et bracelets.