Custom dog and cat paintings

Initially, I only painted dogs, hence the name aRtyDoG, RDG being my initials. Over time, orders and wishes, other animal portraits have completed my portfolio!

Discover below the 8 categories of paintings by clicking on the orange bars.

The aRtyDoG & cat classic portrait is the most popular of my dog or cat paintings.
In these portraits, the dog or cat has a loving look and expressive ears. It is positioned from the front, the front right paw placed on the aRtyDoG & cat panel.

You will also find these creations in the aRtyDoG prints in the e-shop.

Some examples of custom paintings of dogs or cats in XXL format.

Do you have several pets? This is an opportunity to make a happy family portrait with your past and present Furry Friends.

Paintings of cats and dogs on a multicolor background fake marbel-like, revisited by the artist!
This noble material symbolizes the unique link we develop with our fur kids. The ancestral marble is, thanks to its veins and solidity, the symbol of eternal love.

You have been numerous to request them ... Here are the horse and portraits! Discover also the other animals painted by the artist

Do you think your dog / cat is a hero? Me too! That’s why they must be celebrated.
I collected the Furry Friends here whose photo was spontaneously sent to me by the aRtyDoG & cat painter community. This is a beautiful example of composition if you have (had) many animals, past and present, that you want to immortalise. 



Jewellery, yes, but artistic jewellery! Each piece is unique and contains a small art work. With their vibrant colours, aRtyjoy jewellery is a celebration of joy.
The first objects in the collection are the jewels: rings, earrings, pendants, brooches and bracelets composed of a glass cabochon and a brass support.

Discover the available pieces in the eshop or contact the artist to discover the collection under preparation in advance!


Ever dreamt of custom sneakers? This is what I can do for you.

Interested? Contact me here and I will inform you on the budget and the process.

Get a unique and artistic pair of jeans!

You want custom jeans? Get in touch here and I will inform you on the budget and process.