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Romina De Gregorio


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La Belle

After working for 15 years in the private sector, I decided to change my career path. Today, I'm an artist who paints canines and felines and I created the aRtyDoG & cat concept by combining my two biggest passions: painting cats and dogs.

Our fur kids for their natural beauty, their expressiveness and the incredible bond and range of emotions they offer us. Painting for its power of creation and sublimation. With my own personal outlook, I express the precious part of life, emotion. My colors and strokes freely give substance to positivity, joy, fine materials and spirituality. My strokes are rapid, dynamic and vigorous. My colors are strong and bold.

"Just be looking at a happy dog, you are entering a well of unconditional love"

One dog in particular put in an indelible mark on my childhood, adolescence and young adult life : Choco. I spent 17 wonderful years with him. Choco is one of the great loves of my life. Even though he left us a long time ago, I see him in the eyes of every dog I meet and each muse that I paint.

"The purr of your cat, the sweetest comfort you may have"

One cat also put another indelible mark on my existence : Nougatine, also known as La Belle. She spent 20 years with me and learnt me how to appreciate life with a cat. Before her, I event thought I didn't love cats... Thank God, La Belle opened for me the door on the marvelous cats' world !

Purebred or mixed, small or giant, scrawny or chubby... In my eyes, all dogs and cats are beautiful. Beyond the purely physical aspect, their expressions and attitude never lie. They are real, genuine. They are spontaneous and joyful. Geuine models of expressiveness and a source of boundless inspiration.

"aRtyDoG & cat is the generic name of the dogs & cats I paint as "works of art" in a modern, ultra colorful dynamic and vibrant manner. aRtyDoG & cat symbolizes the positive effect of the man-pet bond. RDG are my initials..."

Although my job is quite &, the support you offer me is unfailing. It's partly thanks to you that I have persevered along my aRtyDoG & cat path. I hope that this path will last a lifetime and will flourish through us sharing our common passion: pets...our dogs and cats !

aRtyDoG & cattely yours,

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