Animal portrait painter: my job, my passion

My passions in two words:

Painting is a powerful creative tool that allows me to sublimate, through my own perspective, the sacred part of life, the emotion... love!
Dogs and cats, animals in general, captivate me with their natural beauty, expressiveness, and the incredible connectedness and joy they offer us. My thing is to create eloquent portraits of our beloved pets, just like we do for the great ones of this world.
I have trained in several art schools in Belgium and France.

When you share your love for your animal with me, it's like you're inviting me to have coffee in your kitchen !

Why aRtyDoG?

It's a play on my name. Romina De Gregorio = RDG = aRtyDoG = the aRty version of your furry friend through my eyes.

Would you like to discover my beloved animals?
Here they are!

My painting style:

Beyond physical beauty, I paint positivity and joy. My brushstroke is fast, dynamic, and spontaneous. The loving gaze of my muses is at the center of my work. I love to capture their personality, it's a work of emotions.
Resemblance is crucial, but I intentionally go further than the "simple" reproduction of your photos, I give your pets a real artistic touch... the "aRty touch"!

Creation, my meditative state:

Creating requires concentration and calm.
The long one-on-one sessions with the aRty pets that I paint are for me like a form of meditation that puts me in a state of joy.

Come, I invite you to discover my little cocoon, my art studio!

I warmly thank you for your confidence in my art!

Discover also my other aRtyjoy universe

filled with creative obsessions such as nail art, jewelry making, customizing sneakers and textiles, and even decorating dog collars.

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