Pet painter: my job, my passion

Romina De Gregorio


Choc dog


Playful dog

The Beauty

After working in the private sector for fifteen years, I decided to redirect my professional career. Today, I am an animal artist, specialising in custom dog and cat paintings.

The aRtyDoG & cat concept combines my two great passions: painting and our loyal companions, dogs and cats. In addition to animal art, I also develop a collection of colourful objects, including jewels, called aRtyjoy.

Why did I decide to paint cats and dogs?

I love painting for its power of creation and sublimation. I express, from my own personal view, the sacred part of life, emotion !

I love dogs and cats for their natural beauty, their expressivity and the incredible complicity and range of emotions they offer us. My life was particularly marked by a dog, Choco, and a cat, Nougatine, a.k.a. La Belle, who were by my side for many years.

Joy as common thread

My colours and lines freely shape positivity, joy, material and spiritual beauty. My lines are fast, dynamic and vibrant. My colours are strong and bold.

Joy is the main theme of my custom aRtyDoG & cat dog and cat paintings and my aRtyjoy creations. I let it take me where it wants, from portraits to jewellery creation. Who knows where it will take me in future!

Joyfully yours,

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