1700€ for Os'mose

14/12/2023 - Backstage, my art studio

This year, I organized a large photo casting and subsequently created an artwork with the aim of raising funds for an organization that is dear to me: Os'mose Assistance Dogs! Through the sale of this painting and its reproductions, I was able to raise €1700, which was entirely donated to the association. A big thank you to those who supported the cause, both by offering their furry friends and by purchasing a reproduction.

What is Os'mose?
Os'mose specializes in training assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility (PMR), epilepsy, or diabetes. The Osmose method relies on positive reinforcement with the animals, and the training takes place in a family environment, meaning the dogs are trained by foster families. These volunteers are trained and supervised by Os'mose, and the dogs are tailored to the specific needs of their beneficiaries.

Why Os'mose?
My husband has been living with a disability for almost 20 years, making me very sensitive to the significant challenges associated with such limitations. Moreover, in my eyes, the dogs trained by Os'mose are true superheroes.

A concrete example is Largo: Largo is a 15-year-old teenager suffering from a neuromuscular disease. His desire is to be as independent as possible in a school environment (he is an excellent student). So every day, Loukos accompanies his young master, picking up what he drops, opening doors—both classroom doors and, more importantly, doors to greater independence.

Would you like to support Os'mose? Visit https://www.os-mose.be/.